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Reviews for "Sack Smash 2001"


Sweet Job!!!

Great Game Guys!!


Good Picture, Bad idea


Smashing gnomes with a massive sack....LMAO
Great job =D

that was pretty sweet

it was hard at the beginning but once you got tha hang of it, it was pretty wicked!!!
** u get extra points for the music...boogie woogie santa clause!!!! thats great **
good idea....sack smashing......thats great

Never knew a scrotum could be so dangerous

Wait a second, i better think that statement over... :) Up to the usual synj standards. Great frame by frame animation and art. A decent side scroller. And a competetive ranking system to boot! On the bad side, needs "diong doing doing", "splat", "aaah" sounds. And music! And needs variation on enemies.
*Original. Thats for sure.