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Reviews for "GameTeam Mahjong"


Ahhh ^^ nothin like a relaxin game o' Jong. Good artwork, decently relaxing music in the background, and very nice, shuffled up choices for starting piles. The only thing putting me off from perfection in this game is ..well.. the music >.> Maby just a couple other choices would be nice? Other than that, you just got your basic, striaghtforward majong-ness goin on here, and thats awwwwriiighttttt ^^

I'm glad I can cut the music off

It seems like I'm seeing a ton of new Mahjong flashes these days. Oh well, they are fun and this one seems well made. I really like the ability to chose my own layout.


on the most boring game ever

wee that was FUN

I see that i am one of the first reviewers, and what I have to say is that this game is FUN! I hope this doesn't gets blam.

I am here to judge.

I hate mahjong, but my job isn't about opinions, this game, as a game, is great.