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Reviews for "SOD3"


kinda unusual... gives you the labrynth feel
i fail to understand why it is under judgememt

I was there when the first one came out!

So i am gonna be here for THIS one too! Its awesome!

I loved it.

I loved it.. keep up the good work

Cool Concept, but...

the music is WAY off, It starts a new track on top of the old track when a new game is started fix that and I think It'll be accepted

addictive...but could be better

it can always be better...some ideas i had for this game are a timer, where youd have to finish a level within a certain amount of time, and maybe some more complex levels (maybe in the shapes of different objects). i like the ideas with the themes and stuff for different worlds. maybe a world selection would make it better too. just throwing out some ideas. fun game nonetheless.

Dezimo responds:

i was gonna do a world select screen and i think the timer's a good idea :)