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Reviews for "SOD3"

great but,

what was with the music? i started hearing some other mix of music on level 4.


Great job =D Keep up the great work I look forward to SOD4 ^.^

Oh and in the last level the second and third(dunno 'bout fourth) root thingies don't reset(unless thats intentional). Anyways grat job and keep up the great work!

Very good with a problem

I always ask myself why some games have borders that you expect you can't touch if you can go over them a little. That's my only problem, made the game a little too easy 4 me. Besides tht it was fun but needs more levels. And some variation might be kewl, like powerups, switches, points or timer might add to it.


an excellent game, i finish it ^_^

small letter :D

its entretaining, easy to explain, and the audio works for me, so...

its GREAT!

but it need more levels , its addictive

problem with the sound

the problem with the sound is that if you look into the instructions, and then go back to the main menu, the soundtrack starts over since you just entered the main menu, but the soundtrack that loads when the game does is still playing. Just make it so if you enter the instruction menu, the main menu soundtrack doesnt start, instead just keeping the first loop going.

Dezimo responds:

ok thanks a lot xD
i was wondering what was causing the problem

should be able to fix it right away