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Reviews for "Legend of Zelda - Melto Remix"

Cool remix!

Although it's all 8-bit, it sounds really good!
Conclusion: full score (5/5 10/10)

MacMelto responds:

i'm glad you like it!


There is more thump at the end of each line i like it keep it up

I think I'm going to Cry

This is perfect. Nice mash up.

MacMelto responds:

I would cry too if my name wav slave. :O thanks for the review!

i have herd batter but it is steel good

it sounds like something off of maro

MacMelto responds:

Does it sound like something off of zelda?


Finally! This deserves to be higher up on the list! Downloaded!
Thank you!

MacMelto responds:

a man can dream... :D thanks for the kind words