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Reviews for "Legend of Zelda - Melto Remix"


i am obsessed with the zelda series it was confusing a little but it wouldnt stop me from playing nonstop for like 13 hours i loved this series and this has reminded me of all of the amazing games of zelda now if you excuse me im gonna go play zelda for another 13 hours......

Love it!

Love this remix of the song! Thanks for making it and keep up the great work!

damn dude....

Now i really wish i hadn't gotten rid of my NES. Wanna play the original sooo badly now.


Me thinks there should be a Zelda religion.

When you pick up your controller...

You picture some bad ass tune to go with the endless grinding of video game mantra. Hearing this piece has brought me back to my many MANY hours of endless questing in all the zelda games I have played.

This has re-awoken my desire to master ALL of them again!
THANK YOU for such an amazing piece!

MacMelto responds:

haha thanks! I hope your questing is successful :)