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Reviews for "Legend of Zelda - Melto Remix"

I've never played The Legend of Zelda before, but this feels like it was made with a true passion for the series. Phenomenal job.

That transition at 2:37

MEMORIIIIIEEEEEES!!!!!! This is so good and makes me feel like I'm in the original game with a modern tick on my heel. Or something. You outdid yourself. :D

Ahh Zelda :D

Amazing Zelda remix! Brings back memories. I still have yet to beat a few of the games. Keep up the awesome work and merry christmas



i am obsessed with the zelda series it was confusing a little but it wouldnt stop me from playing nonstop for like 13 hours i loved this series and this has reminded me of all of the amazing games of zelda now if you excuse me im gonna go play zelda for another 13 hours......