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Reviews for ":the Composer:"

I hope your satisfied...

This flash piece brought tears to my eyes. It's sad that many people of my generation only enjoy head banging rather than the art in the music itself.....

Heavy Death Metal == No Taste

Going to be number 1

This movie will be number 1 before you know it.


This animation is among the best I've seen. It was so touching.

As a composer myself, I found it to be particularly relevant.

Kudos for having him play the right keys to go along with the music. It always irks me when watching Family Guy or some other cartoon when music being performed isn't accurate. lol

that was great

it ended on a great heart warming tone very few animations on this site has that touch this one has i can relate to what this kid went through in his child hood i went through the same thing

ridiculiously amazing.

Probably the best and most touching flash ever