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Reviews for ":the Composer:"


I cannot express how much i loved this movie, please pm me i have something to say to you, and right now i am crying because this short movie has given me an idea about something, thx and please pm me


That was a beautiful way to throw such a perfect message. Keep up the great work Jazza.


You my friend, have talent. Not only was that an EXCEPTIONAL piece of animation and art, but the story itself touched me. I practically cried. I commend you, you desevre well over 10 stars. I commend you.


I'm sorry, rating this 10/10 or 5/5 just doesn't do it. I'm usually quite gifted with my use of the English language, but still the most powerful words i know are simply mute in comparison of this, for lack of a better word, masterpiece.

Thousands of poets, composing for thousands of years and still none have even equaled the shadow of your soul.

For myself, Newgrounds and it's viewers, please...keep up the good work.

Powerful, man, great job!

That had the best message. It even beat Jerry, whose message to me was "Keep it in your pants". But THIS message, it made me turn off Bullet For My Valentine and turn ON Beethoven. I'm serious. It was THAT good!