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Reviews for "Tur3t Duhfenz"


It was fun, and I agree with you on the Turret Defense games, too many too much. Although this was a nice breather, very hard (time wise).

Great one, 5/5 10/10.


.. when I went to go fry an egg in bacon grease.. I came back dead. *tear*
Eh well, great game otherwise.

dude, addicted already

yay second place! for now... =) wo0t. anyways, very addictive, probably because i'm stoned tho =)

Wow, what a parody...

Right down to the bullets passing through enemies, overwhelming forces against a pitiful gun, huge waves that simply kill you, no save, and especially the best part, have to buy certain upgrades or you lose. Not to mention, no idea what that damned lucky charm does really, and the dull holding-down-the-trigger-and-point firing. No idea if that was intentional on your part, but by god other defense games have done that so often.

By the time those cloud-bitch clones start attacking, I'm in a downward spiral. I max defense and all that, but they just pound my health away until I spend everything healing than saving for the gun upgrade. When the tanks come, I'm dead. T_T Guess I'll keep trying.


I love this game. Its hilarious, and although this was made as a parody of all the crappy turret defense games out there, you still made it a very fun game. Plus, this is an education tool to everyone who wants to make a game like this. Because its what to avoid. But I actually agree with teh (fake) n00b below me. Make a sequel. Only this time, make it a parody of all those tower defense games!