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Reviews for "Tur3t Duhfenz"


Good game, too expensive for guns, but apparently you've said why, so blegh. Lol, loved the text and squigglys, made it interesting... for a while. GOt uber bored after the 7th level, but then again, that was the goal of this game, GEWD JOB! Kudos ^__^


It was fun, and I agree with you on the Turret Defense games, too many too much. Although this was a nice breather, very hard (time wise).

Great one, 5/5 10/10.

Holy shit

Pretty kickass game, and the music was kickass too, i miss C&C. :(

I dont see any problems with it, but yeah...Turret Games are overrated. Lmao

Not bad

For a guy who is sick of turret defense games, you made a pretty good one. The enemies are a little random and odd and it is very difficult to save up enough money to buy any weapons other than the cheapest upgrade but it is fun. Also, even if I own a gun, the game will still let me buy it again. Might want to fix that. BTW, I currently have the high score (Rob D) :) Nice work.

Almost as shit as the inspiration.

Cool game, DEF.

Well, the text made me smile anyway. I liked the graphics for the book.

The game itself was pretty boring, as could be expected, and I decided after round 4 (I think) that to play any longer would be a waste of my time.

Maybe you could have made it even more annoying and shitty?

DingoEatingFuzz responds:

Thanks, and thank Photoshop for the book. Just a few clicks with some grunge brushes, some swipes with the burn tool and a couple overlays and a boring book gets interesting.

As for the annoying piece a crap value, I didn't want to go so over the top that it became a piece of crap noob flash. Or else it would have been even more pointless to make.