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Reviews for "Tur3t Duhfenz"

good job

needs better quaility foes...

OMG wave 200!!

heh, thanks for the surprise. I got sleepy, so plunged directly into wave 200. the horror! I wish I could screen capture faster..

= strategy guide =
1) kill them early, save your health, don't revive until you get first $1500 gun
2) invest all in defense, when health < 500, get health upgrade, don't revive
3) revive only by 1000, increase health to at most 3000 (that's $12000)
4) buy the $25000 gun and enjoy it
5) buy the $50000 gun and get bored to death
Note 1: the lucky charm does help (it seems to make the incoming rate of strong enemies lower)
Note 2: after some threshold (I got it around day 26) you get a special surprise.
Note 3: the score maximizer does work (check the high score table to believe it)

dude, addicted already

yay second place! for now... =) wo0t. anyways, very addictive, probably because i'm stoned tho =)

great but...

game is greatly designed but weapons cost too mouch and u should put something like an area bomb as last resort.


.. when I went to go fry an egg in bacon grease.. I came back dead. *tear*
Eh well, great game otherwise.