Reviews for "Starfall"

Actually a very fun game...

I played this like for 2 hours and i loved it, nice, fun game, i like the music, animation is cool, and if u add some levels or difficulties to this game, it should be on the top 5, nice work dude. Laterz.

A good game.

it was just a nice game that had a very nice flow to it. you could have added a better glow around the stars (even though the glow was good). it had some nice music and i enjoyed playing it. over all you did a good job.

keep it up.


Pretty fun game..

Pretty Good

This game kept me pretty entertained for about half an hour which is pretty good for this type of game. Also helped me kill a few minutes before class was over. I do like how its like those other games just like it. Graphics are nice and I like how it was revamped with a health bar. Good Job all around.

feels way too swingy

Btw, it's spelt 'Orisinal'.

Lovely music and in-game graphics. The 'submit' typography and the sound-off button, which clashes with in-game colours, let down the graphics marginally.

Took me a few goes to understand the controls, as I was expecting it to work like the orisinal game that it looks so much like.

I liked the addition of different types of stars, but the whole game felt a bit too swingy for my liking. The RNG can make stars virtually inacessible without touching a 'bad' star simultaneously. When that happens, due to the drop in energy, sudden fall and the fact that lower down the screen we get little warning of obstacles, a single hit seems to always cause a death and can often feel like a result of the RNG rather than a lack of skill.

I'd work to eliminate the effect random numbers have, add more variation and continue refining the graphis.