Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"

Good series but...

Why is Link so weak?

Oh and I vote for Celes and Bub to go.

Hell-Fire responds:


Sorry, you can only vote one. Link isn't weak, Rosa was just stronger. Link gave Cecil a run for his money in the past.


Fantastic series. out and out utterly enjoyable. ive just watched the entire thing from start to finish and it is immediately 1 of my favourites because of its compelling story and familiar yet genius characters. I'm voting for Bub just because I love all the other characters slightly more. nice work! :D


i vote for CELES to quit but i would like to see link to go too because neither one are really contributing to the game. but celes the most

good job iv'e been waiting a long time for ep.8!

Celes out....

I would nominate Link but i want will there happen something dramatic Celes leaves Link. Also gooooooood work with video, cant wait for next one to appear.....

my vote