Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"


Watched every survivor flash and can't wait for the next one

(Oh and I choose Bub he's kinda useless in certain fights)

Hell-Fire responds:


Alright, thanks a lot mate.

great stuff bub and link

over all it is very nicely animated good music the sex thing was kinda random not bad just random and sorry guys I gota take out the bubster and then link

Voting Time!

My vote (still) goes to Bub.


i liked it but one thing ... the SEX oh my rod
that omfg!!!!!!! im just 11 dude plz
oh wel just trow bub out he suks

Get rid of Bub

Seriously, he should've been gone years ago.
and can you maybe make Mario himself again?

And what was with the racist pasta thing? I mean, If you put Sonic the hedgehog in and he was on speed, that'd be funny.

Oh well, still pretty good, all complaints aside.