Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"

Nice Work

That was awesome so here is my vote:Shadow,He was good in the begining but after the one time he became a retard I think everyone found that out in this episode with the basketball thing so I vote Shadow.

P.S. Do you have a newsletter or something that can help people stay ahead with the episodes?


Brilliant...yet again! You truly are the best on here! Woah! Anyway, i vote link because he has no role in S.S. Im curious as to who the mole is hmmmmm?

XD best sprite flash ever!!!!

I vote for bub

the wait was worth it

the story line is moving smoothly, and my fear of THE ALMIGHTY BUB's eviction might be happening :(

kick shadow off... please?

my vote

i'd have to say link. =/ although i can't wait to see him use the master sword. but he hasn't been very interesting in the combat.

my vote is link