Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"

2 years and still awesome.

Hey! You already got this on at the first part. :]
Well, I vote Celes. Cus she's my least favorite out of those four, but I had to choose one. >:

Choice: Celes.

Hell-Fire responds:


Thanks a lot my loyal bug tester!


i love this crap, oh right, celes

great man keep it up

1 thing tho your losing the funny i no its getting intense but theres still room for funny parts.

ff6 was my favorite 1 and I'm upset about link screwing celes so....

my vote is link

Fantastic as always!!

What was up with bub blowing bubbles? lol that was pointless. I had a hard time choosing who to vote to leave this time. I watched Link,Celes and bub fighting to decide who is the best and by their fighting i'm torn between Link and Celes >_< Celes kicked ass fighting terra and link lost to rosa O_O so i choose link to leave. And i cant believe I waited 2 years for this. That went by sooo fast.well for me it did at least.How many more episodes are you planning to make? It will probably take 3 or 4 or maybe more probably. Keep up the great work ^_^


nuff said- hold on. i think he's lived out his usefullness.