Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"


celes and sadly link

Celes is the only one i want off but i had to pick two

I vote....

Bub, sorry but he's not a really good fighter. Also good job with the series. Can't wait to see more. Also the sex stuff is just getting weird just a little bit. Oh and why is Mario(still as a frog) coming back to Sprite Survivor? I thought he was kicked out of the island? Is he figuring out how to be normal again? I guess I'll have to find out more on the next episode. Plus good job making the Sailor Moon girls become sluts, I know they were going to be sluts, I wonder what happen to them after the challenge. Well anyways, awesome series, and I can't wait for more episodes.


Link sucks!
Why don't you add Luigi?

Celes and Bub.

Or if the plan is to vote on only 1 person then Bub...
This series pwnz...I can't wait for the next, and may it be as awesome as the other 8...Technically 9...But whatever

I vote