Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"

my vote

i'd have to say link. =/ although i can't wait to see him use the master sword. but he hasn't been very interesting in the combat.

my vote is link

my vote




who to vote............

Well, since you said to vote for one contestant, I'll vote for Celes. She's not that really interesting to me. Probably Link will also get voted off. Bub is too cute (O_O') to be eliminated and Shadow can't go. He's Badass!

so CELES it is.....

Anyways, your series is amazing! I like most of the characters in the series. I hope Episode 9 of Sprite Survivor can come out ASAP..........


my first vote and its the most difficult of them all.....those are 4 of my fav..... guess link cuz i dont no him as well...... bub is awesome, celes is awesome and sadow is shadow.....damn that was hard sorry link!