Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"

my vote is for bub

i like the rest


Celes is too.. well boring.. she should go


well my vote has to be for bub even though he lasted this long i dont think he can be much help any more to taking down serphiroth.

link should stay longer i dont care what other people say i want him to stay i think he may be prove useful later on.


One of the best things ive ever seen on Newgrounds. You should really consider starting the series back up again. It rocks. ^_^


I vote Celes. And really, do a grammar check. Serphiroth's last line had a problem. "Here" me out? Shouuld be "Hear".

Also, those are pathetic fights...Link would do MUCH better in a sword/sword fight. Ganon is, a moron, those girls are idiots...and really Cloud left his sword in Serph's cave, heh.

Overall...good job...needs more character though to me. These guys never lose and yet they are beaten in 2 minutes, tops.