Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"


I vote for bub D:

This seriosly pwns ass

Ok I vote Shadow for one because after carefully going over the evidence (not really i just wanna sound cool) I do believe that he is the mole. Anyway peace and keep up the good work man you do a great job

I vote

Link, he seems the best possible choice to be the mole.

Best Episode Yet!

i say Link
cuz like mdarkcecil said and i quote "he just spontainiusly gets added late in the serries." so thats part of the reason why i am voting him off the island.
P.S. i have a feeling that cecil and rosa might be left cuz they the only couple there and they are my favorite characters in final fantasy (sorry shadizzle)


Should be voted out. The mole... much as I hate to think it, it might be Shadow....