Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"

you just got so good!

we shall work togeather soon my friend

i vote celes for eviction

and on a side note, where did shadow go when everyone went to sleep in the first episode?


shes boring.... bub ftw and make phoenix lose next time.

Welcome Back

dude, nice job, and thx for making it again, and i vote bub out because i never liked him since day 1 haha

Shadow and Cecil got Raped XD

The story is getting deeper and darker, which is great, and the way you move the sprites are awesome..keep getting better ^_^

I vote for Celes(I think that was her name) mainly cause i felt she lost her role on the story and is getting quite boring.

Link is a bit mysterous , so I want to see more of him.

Shadow also seems mysterous and also is the heart of the Behamut team(For me atleast)

Bub, he's just to damn cool, He owned half of the people already XD