Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"

These have gotten REALLY good.

I liked the series ever since the beginning, but even moreso now that there is an actual plot rather than just an array of sex jokes. Good work! PLEASE continue whenever you get the chance! Also, I vote for Link and Bub. I'm too much of a Final Fantasy fan to do otherwise.


Keep these up!
I started watching the whole series today and I just couldn't stop. XD
I vote for Celes & Link.

so easy

bub and the girl


It's so hard to choose... but celes and bub, go.

My decision

All of the Bahamut members were alright, but since is so pathetic, I would vote Bub off the team. He was lame with his performance during the this episode's challenge with his bubble attack which his game was known for.

I also like where this story is going. The plot gets darker and deeper by the episode. Anyway I can't wait to see the results next time.