Reviews for "Characters (Cast)"

Awesome :D
..wait,Daymariz char name isn't Laksovo,Laskovo is translator error - he mean his char is affectionately,but his char name is Alex
Maybe you'll fix this,and than you can make all what you'll imagine with all characters (It's of course obvious,but whatever) :D

tailsbuddy responds:

Eheh, I'll fix it further in the comic then :P

Good work is awesome :)

tailsbuddy responds:

Thanks dude! ^^

Hey good art
Anyway I am kinda glad I am not in it ´cuz my OC has kinda own big history with all his friends ´n all
But... yea
By the way if you want you can use my char for any of you drawing

tailsbuddy responds:

Okay, thanks!

Awwww! Where am I?

I just need a purple suit and a purple hat.I should look like 10 years old.

will there be anymore characteristics?

The artwork is gud.

Btw.can anyone join?or only known people?