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Reviews for "BIoshlock"

ha ha, niiiice

Hey dude, spedsonaplane right? U shud work on other games too man. This was gooood. Even tho it was short. nice work

SpedsonaPlane responds:

Funny you should mention that. Before this I was working on a slightly longer cartoon callled Elder scrolls snore: Oblivious. I temporarily switched to doing a ioshock shirt to win a t-shirt. Didn't win the T-shrit but I got a lot of neat gag ideas to make a full length bioshock cartoon (and I couldn't let the big daddy models go to waste). Maybe after Bioshlock 2 I'll finish the elder scrolls cartoon, or work on a different genre. etither way I promise that we at Speds on a Plane studios are not one to beat a dead horse:)


ive never played teh games but this is some good crap


NOW WE KNOW WHY THE MAIN CHARACHTER IS THER!!! lmao nice work, especially with aquaman, hes got the same powers as spongebob:P


...a whale? LMAO


The beginning was hella' gay, but it was a lot funnier after that :D