Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator!"

Nice preloader!

Nice game too. It was awsome.

7IsUnlucky responds:

Thanks a lot!


one of the best mdness screen creator games ive ever played

7IsUnlucky responds:

Really? You must not have played many then lol.


nice dude

with actoin scripts you used?

7IsUnlucky responds:

very complicated ones that will make your head explode

that was sweet

awsome! i made all the dancing guys have a party,hank fighting a zombie clown while all the super happy guys are watching, and a bunch of guys shooting the dancing guy. i like the music! and it`s got a ton of stuff to do my only problem is that there is no reverse tool and the box is super small.

7IsUnlucky responds:

wateva u sai mayng!!


Could be better! Nice scene creator though! Overall, Very Nice! ^_^