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Reviews for "Grabbag (Duke Nukem Theme)"

Balls of Steel

dude fuckin' love it man keep up the good work!


I've found that, in spite of the large amount of Grabbag covers out there, they all seem to surpass the original in just about every aspect. Energy, composition, the hooks, musical proficiency, they've all done this catchy but badass melody tons of justice, and this one is no different.

Keep on rockin', man.

i loved this music

when i was like a kid i had a duke nukem game with this song and i just stoped playing and listend to this even when i was being eatin alive still just listend lol


That was amazing!!
But it sounds like you ripped the song
I listened to it like a thousand times
love it!!
Seeya Ciao
p.s its time to kick ass and chew gum and i'm all outta gum

nice! XD

hey can you make a metalized portal one?