Reviews for "Space Wars"


Good game!
nice scripting, nice art, but yeah, it has something of the games of the past
Keep working dude!


The game is freakin hectic! First i pressed the Fire-Button only one time per enemy but after a few secs i had to hit him fast as i can!!! xD and the background sucks!

but all in all its a nice game! *thumb up*

Very Good!

I thought this game was pretty good! I only recommend you make it a little less hectic to avoid getting the players confused (I was).

Feels above average... not much oomph.

Robotech/Macross? Graphics looks like it... you should try to reduce homing capabilities of homing missiles or adjust them, they look too flat when try follow you like that, at least slow down the chase function.

the good, the bad, and the ugly

The good: The game is very hectic, with a highly explosive battle going on at all times, the ships were very well designed, and the look of 20 or so zooming missles is pretty darn cool.
The bad: Enemy attacks are very small and hard to see, theres no shop for upgrades and stuff,only 2 kinds of attacks, and all bosses do the same exact thing.
The ugly: Theres 1 background and it sucks, and the enemies are the same, just with new coats of paint.
Overall: It should be called generic sidescroller. everything works fine, but we newgrounders expect more from the people who brought us games like the Armor Heroes series , Detective grimoire, The James the _________ zebra series, and Prince of war. quality over quantity, dudes.