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Sure, Windows was bad, but that was before Windows XP. Windows XP and Vista are better than the others. Believe me, i have an XP and a Vista, so HA!!!


*News flash!*
Ever since Vista, the BSOD does not exist anymore, plus, quit picking on Win9x is nobody uses it.

Macs have something called "Kernel Panic"(Like a gray colored BSOD), which is as bad as a BSOD, if not worse.
And when I once had a Mac, the "Kernel Panic" was always coming and sometimes would make it not even start! I had a Mac and I hated it, so that thing was trashed(AND the OS broke, about as bad as Linux does frequently.)
Is it possible for me to use a Unix based OS without destroying it on mistake? I mean that Windows takes everything I put at it and doesn't crash.


has nothing bad ever happened to the mc? Go to an apple store to fix it. YOU NEED A FUCKING APPOINTMENT!! IF YOU NEED AN APPOINTMENT THEN HOW MANY ERRORS DO YOU THINK IS HAS!!! plus it not good for business/


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv0PlL -jvuM
http://www.mac-sucks.com/switch_why.p hp
http://nerdynick.wordpress.com/2006/1 1/05/top-reasons-why-macs-suck/
also : 5 reasons why macs suck:
1 - Service packs don't cost $199
Since Mac OS X was launched in 2001, there have been four "new versions" of the operating system - Puma, Jaguar, Panther and Tiger - with a fifth, Leopard, due imminently. That's almost one a year, each costing a princely $199 - racking up a total bill of close to $1000 for anyone who's bought every version. And they say Windows is expensive.

Apple has effectively introduced the first subscription operating system, and has somehow gotten away with it. If Microsoft had done likewise, Bill Gates would have been before the anti-competition courts quicker than you could say, "isn't $199 a bit steep for a service pack?". The Mac zealots claim that each new cat really is a new operating system, but that argument doesn't bear scrutiny. Take Panther (Mac OS X 10.3): the Apple press release hails "more than 150 breakthrough new features", the pick of which are a new "Finder", a way to see all your open windows at once, and bundled video-messaging software. God knows how insignificant the other 147 were.

2 - No price premium for flashy design
There still isn't a PC maker on the planet that can hold a candle to Apple when it comes to product design. But not everyone wants or needs a computer that looks like it fell off the back of a Bang & Olufsen lorry. Macs routinely cost more than their PC equivalents. The cheapest Mac you can buy, the Mac mini, costs $949 and comes with a piddling 60GB hard disk, a meagre 512MB of RAM and no screen. Pop over to Dell, and that same $949 will buy you a Dimension E520 Vista PC with a 160GB hard disk, 1GB of RAM and a 19in flat panel display. Dell's cheapest system costs just $898 at the time of writing. We're not expecting Dell's bargain-basement models to trouble our A List anytime soon, and Kate Moss wouldn't be seen dead near one, but they'll suffice for a cheap office PC that sits under a desk all day or a computer for the kids' homework. Mac buyers simply don't have that choice.

3 - Thousands of decent games
"I was designed for the home," scream the Mac ads. You were? Then how come you've got such a poor bunch of games? At the time of writing, the top-selling Mac games on Amazon.com were World of Warcraft (yawn), Crazy Machines: The Wacky Contraptions Game (What the?!) and The Sims II - a two-year-old title designed for loners who need imaginary friends to compensate for the lack of actual people in their pitiful lives. Want the adrenaline-filled 3D action and spectacular graphics of Rainbow Six: Vegas? Or, a spin round the track at high-velocity in a beautifully rendered Porsche in Test Drive Unlimited? Want to revisit a seminal classic such as Half-Life 2? Sorry, you can't. Computer says no. That's not to mention the fact that the PC has a near-monopoly on all the decent graphics hardware. And even if you did want to upgrade your Mac's graphics, you probably couldn't anyway. "Nvidia graphics options for Apple desktops and notebooks can only be purchased through Apple or as Apple update kits," warns Nvidia's website. If you're even halfway serious about gaming, you need a PC.

4 - Two mouse buttons
Yes, we know Macs are meant to be so simple your Grandma could partition the hard disk while solving the Countdown conundrum, but do they really need to be dumbed down to use only one mouse button? A monkey with Attention Deficit Disorder could master two buttons, but Apple's (seemingly not ironically named) Mighty Mouse resorts to a single mouse click by default. Yes, you can easily tweak the driver for two buttons or simply plug in a normal mouse, but a firing squad is too lenient for the imbecile who decided that pressing Ctrl and left-click was a better out-of-the-box solution than a single press of the right button.

I just wasted a few minutes of my life

Wow a bunch of pictures of blue screens, you're good a proving a point, thought this might actually be good or funny >.>