Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"


apple sucks, but windows 7 is better. so are the other versions of windows except Vista. Vista is so expensive, Including vista home basic and ultimate. windows vista home basic costs 200$, vista ultimate costs 400$.


so what!? that's ONE flaw. and Ive never even encountered it! so ya I'm a windows user! whats wrong with that!? windows is a great operating system used by about everyone i know! make this better by adding more common problems. and apparently i saw mostly windows problems. robert242245 is right.


i laugh my ass off of this one. i tough it was going to show both companies there computer is better or something not a music video

Great music video!

Great music video i like the beat!


I was hoping it would show both mac and pc screwing up, not this shit. atleast pc has more people. just because we get blue screen of deaht doesnt mean we suck. WE HAVE XBOX BIAATCH