Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"


its ok but it looks like ur trying to promte apple and make microsoft look bad? shame on you but the only thing i like is the shirt on the girl


the guys obviously trying to say how bad microsoft is while trying to boost the rep of MACs in a... cool way?

10 thumbs down if i have 10 hands man.

funny pics though.
just the fact that your trying to boost the rep of MAC makes this slideshow pretty lame.


That was the most retarded attempt at an animation Ive ever seen, its just a slideshow with gay music.

Hopefully the next is better.

Next time, make some sort of storyline, some characters, and some half decent music.

Pointless But.....

Yo, dat shyt waz pointless but da music was bump tho!!!!!!!!

This isn't a flash

This isn't an animation. It's just a pointless slideshow.