Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"

Kill Apple!

Macrosoft! NO APPLE! i like microsoft

Seriously Dude....

The PC's aparrently had over 15 different pictures of a BSOD.
When it came to Apple.... All i saw was an Apple logo next to a Windows logo and a picture of a Mac OSX desktop with a file explorer on it.
Now here's the problem....
1. When one supports one thing, they usually show more than a FEW pictures of it.
2. Of course Macs are going to look better when you compare a 9x operating system (developed in previous century lets not forget) to a supposed "new and improved" operating system on a Mac. Hey perhaps I'll make a video of how my Windows Vista Laptop kicks your low end elemtary Macintosh Computer's rear end. YOU CAN"T COMPARE COMPUTERS FROM DIFFERENT TIME FRAMES!!!
3. Now sure, I don't dislike Macs, but if you're going to bring so much hatred to a PC, better be able to back it up with more than a BSOD. When my PC crashed, I just shut it off, turned it on and resumed my normal life. Now I messed with a Mac of OSX origin, and when it crashed, it crashed hardcore. But of course Mac forgot to leave a "system restore" or a function to return to a back-up state, so hey all I had to do was nuke it and re-install tons of programs.

This isn't a diss to you, but its all constructive criticism in that you should probably have more knowledge in the supposed "suckiness" of PC's before making an attempt like this.
If you're gonna show 15 BSOD, better have 15 pictures of Mac and its superiority.
Man I've never vented like this before, feels good for once.

i don't love mac

great comp, but windows takes the cake.


*News flash!*
Ever since Vista, the BSOD does not exist anymore, plus, quit picking on Win9x is nobody uses it.

Macs have something called "Kernel Panic"(Like a gray colored BSOD), which is as bad as a BSOD, if not worse.
And when I once had a Mac, the "Kernel Panic" was always coming and sometimes would make it not even start! I had a Mac and I hated it, so that thing was trashed(AND the OS broke, about as bad as Linux does frequently.)
Is it possible for me to use a Unix based OS without destroying it on mistake? I mean that Windows takes everything I put at it and doesn't crash.

Oh god...

Ok, I have to admit, BSOD pics are fun... but call this the BSOD episode... not Apple vs. Microsoft. Microsoft is way better as mac's are, just based on the fact that much programs don't support apple...
But if you don't give a damn **** about no compability, take Linux...

The music is great, good work, ElectricGuitarClock.
Put more pics of the mac in it... I only saw a few pics of the mac, and much of them were exactly the same. I don't know what your point is...