Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"

oh realy

even though macs hardly get a virus when they do they are DEAD forever. my pc got a virus and as soon as you logged in the screen was blank. fixed in 20 minuets by setting the pc back to yesterday :)!


i agree with DJMannekin


windows sucks it has viruses!!
mac dosent!!


I have a mac and sometimes I like PC's better than macs (cause macs cost the earth) and sometimes I like macs better than PC's because to me they run much better , but to be fair I found this extremely biased against PC's, with one image of the OSX finder and (as someone else said a little underneath me) about 15 images of the BSOD. The BSOD is not the only bad thing I've have encountered in windows and I don't think OSX is perfect (even the apple logo represents that whatever you get its only limited and will always have a bit missing - the bite out of the apple.) and I don't think people should make films/games like this biased against either of them. Hey maybe we can all live together in harmony and be friends! This argument has been going on too long now.

-- Or get Ubuntu.

To be fair

They are all good at something

Good for business work and games :)

Good for editing (photo,video,music)

I use both OS and i like them both in different ways :)