Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"

not bad

Its not that hard. We have them in the military too ;)


which one's suppose to be better

i personally like windows

I like niether

Linux+WINE = gaming and Eye candy for free :P

Im a Windows fan...

but i did enjoy this video. the blue screen is pretty annoying but it doesnt come up as much as mac people say. it only comes when you have corrupted data or if theres not enough memory to suport a specific file.

The Blue Screen of Death on the Tablet

I don't remember when Bill Gates was presenting a Tablet and the Blue Screen of Death appeared, but apparently my Dad does. When Bill Gates was presenting a new Tablet PC, BAM! Blue Screen of Death!

Comparisons were hilarious! (Especially when the camera is looking at the woman's breasts - you know, the woman who had on a Blue Screen shirt.)

Ban music quality though, even when I look it up in the Newgrounds Audio Portal, it still had bad quality. It might have been better, but the quality was still bad.

Overall, great music choice, great choice of screenshots and pictures, 9/10!