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Reviews for "Orchestral Metal Piece 1"


Thiss Is So Awesome I love Metal But Hate Orchestra but mixing it Together is So cool.Keep doing the mixes DJ Gravey.

Gravey responds:

Glad you enjoyed the piece.




Gravey responds:




You know i never had a ear for orchestra but mixing it with metal. Ya i look forward to more of you work. You,ve got great taste in music. :)

Gravey responds:

Thank you much.


everything was great...

.. but the snares just killed it for me. it sounded like helicopter clippings to be honest, which is not the best thing on the ears. Everything else was great: the brass hits were nice, and the orchestration was spot on. Love the structural variety and melodic variation the piece had as well. the snares just killed it for me, though

Gravey responds:

Hmmm...Sorry you feel that way. I actually like the snare. You can't please everyone with everything I guess. :-P

Thanks for the review.


The drums need work

It sounds like you used the presets and first drum samples you came across right out of EZ drummer or something. The kick drum sounds like someone tapping their finger on plastic, it needs more bass/boom to it. The snare sounds even worse, it doesn't sound like a snare at all :/
Wahnsinn has well produced drums in his metal songs, he's a good example of how they should sound.

The guitar tone could also use some improvement. It sounds a bit weak and could be louder in the mix (although that's probably because you're more for the orchestration then the metal side of the song).

Outside of the drum and guitar tones, everything else sounds great in the song. The orchestration is good as well as the composition and guitar riffs.

Gravey responds:

In all honesty, yes the kit is an EZDrummer sample library. But it's not the Drummer From Hell library, but rather the Meshuggah kit. And I EQ'd and compressed all the drums separately.

What I did was write down what I wanted the drums to play, and then every drum I rendered individually. Then I compressed and EQ'd each one separately. After this I then mixed them down into a full kit once again and imported the kit into my final mixing session.

So in all honesty, they sound quite a bit differently from what the original EZDummer samples sound like. Congrats on guessing the program correctly. But in all honesty, I'm guessing that was more based on the cymbals than the snare or kick. Because the snare and kick were EQ'd and compressed in order to make them sound much fuller than the original EZDrummer library offered.

I do appreciate the criticism, but I can't agree with it when it comes to the snare and kick. Because they are substantially different from the original library due to my EQ and compression work on each individual drum.

The orchestration was definitely a point in which I'm trying to emphasize with my upcoming album. Nearly all my songs so far for it have at least one orchestral break, if not two or three. So it makes me feel good you found the orchestral side of things to be substantial.

As for the guitars, I agree with you totally. As I mentioned in my author's comments, I plan on replacing them for the album. ;-)

Thanks for the review, and the criticism. Definitely always good to get a critical point of view on my music.