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Reviews for "Orchestral Metal Piece 1"

It is time

Well I believe it is time to rate a song of yours... I mean it has been 9 months. anyways time to leave a huge review that takes up the space of three normal reviews!

I like the beginning of the piece and think the drums add a cool effect(then it kinda leads into the guitar line.) I also like the section at 00:48 with the cool high note effect that you seem to do every so often through out the song.

The transition at 01:19 is nice and smooth (I don't really like hard metal though.

I also like the tapping after that I think that it sets a cool tempo.

I liked the slow part around 02:40 It seems to have a cool ominous sort of effect. I also like the bells in the background which adds to the ominousium(is that a word???)

Then it goes back to the melody for a while with what I think a counter melody appears in the background(Or is that just a base line thing...I don't know the term) around 03:50. Well thats all the time I have sorry if there are spelling mistakes it is pretty late where I live. XD

10/10 for you sir!

The Department of Good Music


Epic... and hate this stupid childish animals and things that loop during the music especially the skunk or whatever they r. Good music, u have 10 from me.


Like it overall.

2 points to bring up though, 1 the drums. Can't stand them. Sounds fake and weak and... annoying. Sorry, but you need powerful bangs to go with this tune, imo. I'm not saying the drum sequence is bad, just the drums.

2nd, the guitars are too soft. Nice, but too soft. For most parts all I hear are orchestral elements and drums.

Great job overall, would love to see your fixed piece. And... no to the vocals. If it's gonna be a choir, sure. But if it's going to be mindless metal screams, please, no.


Another great Orchestral Piece, You will do another?

Gravey responds:

Of course. ;-)



Final boss- definitely

from 0:01 to 0:14 the boss emerges and it shows it's name in the bottom corner. 0:14-4:46 the boss battle

Gravey responds: