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Reviews for "Orchestral Metal Piece 1"

Not much I can say about this except

Pure freaking gold.

Well, there is one thing I can say about this: Maybe the guitars could be a tad bit louder. Not that much louder, but just a slight bit louder. But I'm not a metal expert, so I'm not sure exactly what the volume on the guitars should be.

Also, I would recommend a little intro into the section that starts at 3:34 since it seems a bit sudden with how slow the preceding section is.

Other than that, the melodies are amazingly creative, the harmonies equally so, the drums excellent, and the instruments absolutely perfect.

Nice combination of orchestral and metal! This is personally what I was shooting for when I did my own orchestral metal piece a short while ago, but you've got it down much better than I could ever hope for.

10/10 5/5 Thanks for uploading this, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

(BTW, was this a good review? I'm not sober at all right now, so I can't really tell.)

Gravey responds:

Yea, good review bud! Lul!

Always good to get a response from great composers such as yourself. :-)

Thanks for the feedback. It's much appreciated as always!



Awesome as always! Where i can find more of it (if you do not mind, of cource :) ?

Gravey responds:

I will be releasing an entire orchestral metal album in the future on Bandcamp. I will be informing people when it comes out through Newgrounds and Facebook.

For quickest updates you should "like" my Facebook music page that I linked in my author's comments above.

Thanks for the kind words.



Amazingly done! I applaud you good sir!
What did you use to construct this amazing piece?

Gravey responds:

EastWest - orchestra.
Electri6ity - guitars.
And a few smaller vsts for other things.

Glad you enjoyed the piece. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Just gotta record vocals for when it goes on the album now. :-)


Oh god

I did not realize how epic your Orchestral metal album was going to be until hearing this. I am definitely buying it when you release it!

Gravey responds:

So far 3 songs are finished without vocals. A fourth is nearly finished as well without vocals. So I'm hoping to have the entire album done without vocals in about 5-6 months. Then record vocals and mix them into the songs.

So it will be a while yet, but there is definite progress coming along for sure. :-)

Thanks for the kind words my friend.




Gravey responds: