Reviews for "Via Sol 2"

This was great

this gets all my stars it is so well made and hope you make another but I enjoy games like this but with a nemisus to go up agenst like a sort of space stratagy game added onto the colony one. My advice is to either make it that the planet is occupied by other life forms that control half the world or of a branch off goverment that is at war with that of the players to add an eliment of concern for the player. If you can make a much larger version of the game with several opponents and a chioce with what group to play as.


Sweet game. Well thought out. Nice graphics. Solid Sound.

I was hoping for this

i played you first one it sucked but this one wow this was awsome i loved everything thing from the random ninjas to the constant problems if i built to mutch of one thing(damn people...) i give this 5/5 10/10

greatest game

this game is the greatest i love it and i wish i could bring people's hapiness thoug and advisor would be a monkey or turtle is one of the wierdest things in this game.

i actually

liked this game alot.

reminded me of starcraft

(lets wonder why?)


but its not even that its like warcraft or star craft

its that those event are freakin funny XD

nice game man make more!