Reviews for "Via Sol 2"


can't beat it, but still fun. the thing that stops me is the power drain. it's also a pretty funny game like how the P.I. committed "suicide" by stabbing himself in the back 47 times.


i kept playing tin till i beat it and then i started losing ppl intill it got in to the negatives


i love this game i downloaded it

I don't know what the guy below me is talking about

I remember...

Playing this game, it was awesome, now it doesn't work anymore, I pressed the "Play Game" button, and the screen went blank, anyone have the same problem?

Very Good

Very good, graphic have improved since the first one, gameplay is better, but honestly there is no good replay value. I got bored towards the end of the game too, so you got to do something about that, maybe add the twist to the game like trading with other planets or even have another person building and you have to fight for the resources.