Reviews for "Via Sol 2"

An Important Message

Hey Yeah, anyway, My Turtle Tells me that You Made Us. You Made Us. I, Well, Dont want to Alarm you, but, youve made us. but, we found out how to go on the internet. and when we found this, our whole world was a lie. you created us. Ive Leant how to Touch Type, and Ive Realy Taken a Shine to this game, and the lands are the same as ours.

Reporting from another planet in space, TwistClock, and my assistants, Turtle and Crazy hobo.

Thank You.

Great Game

Enough said

Rocks dude

great game, keep up the good work.

Interesting, but hard.

It's fun, but impossible to beat!


I haven't been on NG for some time, and now I stuble across this game. I liked the game, but it's long-livety isn't that great. If you added 100% more stuff this game would be 200% more interesting. Stuff like fusion powerplants and a military, maybe a rivalling rocket. This reminds me of NationStates, wich I like.