Reviews for "Via Sol 2"

good game whould be cool if u developed it more to last longer but yea keep the comedy

Good game, got potential... Shame that everything goes way way too fast... 8 weeks until coal runs out... So that's 12 seconds to collect enough resources to build a green energy source, find a place to build it, and build it... Yeah...

Great game!

+ Different leaderships
+ Bonuses for leaderness and difficultys
+ Game graphics and buildings
+ Different text news
+ Game endings

- Game is too short
- Game should be a little more features

Game is good and has maded very carefully i suggest this game.

Great Game!

This was a excellent game, the only flaws were that there wasn't enough space for growth and that there wasn't enough interactions, the social pop ups were repeating over and over. But the humor defiantly gets you stars, the concept is not unusual so that doesn't hurt or gain. The real plus was all the counter actors, that was a good thing, for sure. Great game, I enjoyed this one way more than via sol 1 for sure ha, If I see you're label on a game I'll be sure to try it out!
-Lil Ryder


just love all the hilarious comments

very addicting game