Reviews for "Via Sol 2"

Three words: TOO FUCKING FAST! Seriously, I don't even a moment to take stock before I run out of everything. And why are people reproducing so fast. A month goes by the pop is doubled. Crank the time flow down to about a quarter and pop growth to a tenth and this game would be just fine.

i've always enjoyed this game, and find myself always coming back to play it again
with the advice of my crazy hobo and little turte, i can never lose

a hint to winning the game: keep an eye on ore production, without ore you cant build anything to fix the problems. if you find yourself without any ore left, destroy some farms and power plants so that production can increase back up

The game moves to fast if you ore production gets to -1 your fucked the only way i keep losing is the fucking speed of the damn game

Moves way too fast. No time to think. Sad really. This game had potential.

i love this game,but,it goes way too fast,there should be a mode for "slow gaming" and "fast gaming"......