Reviews for "Via Sol 2"

Best game EVER!!!!!!!

There should be other worlds to go to when that planet is dead of resources.

i an also known in flyborg as youwillneverbeas...

this game kicke the biggest ass ever dudes

Confusing, Fun, Then Boring.....

Its really fun but has no reply value what so ever. Even the different government styles don't change much game to game. It has great potential and I would like to see it become a trilogy. My suggestion is bigger maps and more variety between games. Maybe add a dock and have fishing or add a protagonist too.

This was great

I played until 2071. I got bored I used all of the area and upgraded all buildings to thier best there was no problems left , though if i had not clicked the thing that makes it so you cant loose or win then i would have beaten it. My addvice is to not use too many coal power because it ends in 2047 and if you dont have realiable energy source then it sux for u and build the housing structures first then build the big defense center thing i forgot what it was then build the nuclear power and delete all coal power plants.

Amazing game

its kinda like a free simcity