Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 3"


Great job, cant wait for Noahs Ark.. Just think this is all after video games!
Live long and Prosper

To good!

THIS IS HILARIOUSE! I cant wait for the 4th! wonder whats next..... TO THE BIBLE-MOBILE!

omg im laughing so hard!!

awsome hyst awsome

holy freakin' crap

that was awesome.
now maybe if they had shown cooool videos like that in sunday school i wouldn't be agnostic....


To put it shortly, i liked it - i liked it a lot.

For bit more words ..:

This was most entertaining piece of flash i've seen around newgrounds. Your drawing style makes it more enjoyable and thus more funny - when adding decent animation in it. Since everyone knows bible and it stories (most of christians anyways) it was easy to tell when you have to laugh and what was point of current joke all the way 'til end.

I guess, being a bit open-hearted person, would not hurt when watching this movie. Besides its all about humour anyways.

Gonna give all 10 stars to this flash, its worth of it!