Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 3"

LOL! That is hilarious!

That ending, though.
Even being Christian, I find this hilarious... the bible is pretty messed up. There's no arguing that, no matter how hard you try.
To all you trolls who rate 0 or 1 because it makes fun of the bible, keep that in mind.
P.S. Do Greek mythology next! Like how Poseidon fcuked the ground and a horse came out! That part was hilarious! I'd do it myself, but I can't draw anything to save my life!

athiests FTW
this is so true

its getting better and better xD
thnx for making it :)
ive enjoyed everyting ^_^

Here's the funny thing though - Living for 950 years is more crappy then you think.

I mean think about it, imagine if you were Adam, and you were in the garden of Eden yourself. As time passes by, your memory becomes more crappy and crappy as you get older. SO, little by little, Adam will forget about the garden, and only remember the crappy existence of working in the field. (it probably would take around I think 125 years I imagine? and that's only if he just ages slower then normal people...)

So there you have it folks: before Adam even reaches 950 years, he will lose his sanity XD (unless that "knowledge fruit" would also increase his mental capabilities as well... If that's the case, he still would probably lose tons of his memory by say 500 years?)