Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 3"

Adam/Eve were black and Jesus was arab.

I love these kinds of things. The voice acting was a little stale but the quality of both the audio and visual was good, I commend you for making this as it had to take alot of free time


real fun

Probably the best in the series

This is my favorite in the series as it has the funniest jokes (this was before video games!). At first I thought someone on "The Daily Show" (in an interview) stole this Flintstones creationism joke from you. Then I realized they may have stolen it from a YouTube video. Then I thought you kind of ripped off an issue of Mad Magazine. Then I realised Mad Magazine stole the idea from Channel 4 News. However, Channel 4 News came after Bill Maher made the joke, who may have gotten it from Lewis Black.

Not to be cynical, but the best thing about the end of creationism is that people will stop using these redundant Flintstones jokes and come up with new material.


"You want me to put my what in your where?!...gross."

be glad that u get to live 930 yrs adam! XD lolz

if God promised that they wud die, wudn't that mean that they cud live forever before they ate the fruit?