Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 3"

I don't understand why Atheists are being offended

In this story there's clear evidence of God and because of that Adam being an atheist is stupid, whereas in real life there's absolutely no evidence of a God existing and therefore atheism is the logical standpoint. Anyone getting offended by this is getting offended just for the sake of being offended.


i want some of that furit (jk)

Loved it.

I'm atheist, but this is funny as shit. :P How is it offending? I find it rather humorous. You guys are just weak when it comes to humor.

not too bad

You handled the atheist part well. Not too offensive at all! And thank you for dropping the rating down to "For Teens".
Only one thing: what happened to the mark of Cain?

Mixed feelings

I love the way you played atheists as the retarded ones. I myself am an atheist but I found this funny. : )