Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 3"


Adam and Eve actually ended up having another kid named Seth as a replacement for Abel. If you don't believe me check a Bible its in Genesis Chapter 5 I think.

My favorite version of the creation thus far

I would have to say that my favorite line was, "I don't remember making you deaf" and God's voice is hilarious because it sounds so...average in a way.

Awesome Follow Up

I like all the Flintstones jokes as well as that god thinks the vegetables which took much more work to grow are crap.


man did not evolve from an ape, humans are apes. oh, and that video was so funny even the pope is laughing! U know, while he is whpping me for disbelief. Take that organised religions!


I believe.. Man.. Evolved from.. An ape..

I named that you know. :)

Adam is funny. :P