Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 3"


i liked the story better when they were naked,*sigh* oh well i gess wat the bible sais !IS!

Funny as hell

Even if I wasnt an Atheist I would find this funny....
Dont see where the incest stops if there are only 4 people on the planet though, and a good point in regards to the only other people on the planet being his parents.


fred flinstone?! WTF?! whats up with that... but makes sense though... nice work, theese messed up bible stories are way funnyer than the real one XD


Good old fashioned lifestyle-mocking. I'm jewish(Technically. I say technically because I'm christian too.), but I still find these funny although slightly offending. XD Why don't you parody islam and buddhism and stuff too? That's bias as a mofo. lol But anyways, I like the series although there are way funnier flash that aren't making fun of judaism... Or christianity as well, since the old testament is included. I give it an 8/4

i love it!

you bastard.