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Reviews for "The 300th Man"

really good concept

the graphics sucked but u definetelty hav potential. if u work harder then u can make better stuff but on this purty good job man


i dont know why but i find it funny. 2 choices are too few you can do 4 and its short. but godd for a begginer


i liked it alot it just needed more realistic animation in my opinion but the fight scenes were reely good so it kinda evened out but it still needs more realistic looking characters. then it might be worthy of a 9 or 10 rating.

good, very fun

it is a very nice game, taht does the best story description, and some nice choises, its interacive, and has nice meaning, i like that. good flas. make mor

Nice. You should probally do one of three

I can tell you're kinda new to this, so don't get discuouraged when I say some constructive criticism. There are usually some things that make good games stand out from normal things. If you add some background music, that would boost this otherwise boring game enough to make it a worthwile venture for some gamers. If you make checkpoint so that if you die late in, you don't get completely screwed. And, you need to work on the story. Your main character dosen't have a name, you can't tell anythingabout him, and you need to add some more backstory other than "I've been training sine I was seven, blah blah blah." Adding all three would take up WAY too much time, so I'd just update it with one thing to make it better.
Nice concept. There were also some gameplay flaws, such as too many dead-end endings and only one real path to go on to win.
Oh, and trust me, if I'd submitted this, it would be a lot worst so don't go a-rantin' about how mean I am because I gave it a low score.